Project data

Location: George Town, Malaysia


Formwork for the shear walls of the upper storeys

Up to 3.25 m high units

Quickly understood and with little training

Straightforward application


Rimbaco Sdn. Bhd., Malaysia

The rhombic form traveller has the advantages of simple structure, clear stress, big operational space under the main frame, and easy installation and removal, etc..

The form traveller adopts wheels with bearing while rolling forward which reduce the frictional resistance greatly during movement; At the same time, the stainless steel paltes are welded on the rails which reduced the frictional resistance bewwen the sliding bearing and the rails during movement. The combination of these reduce the movement cycle of the form traveler by simple and convinient operation.

In terms of safety, the form traveler is equiped with walking protection system which guarantee the absolute safety during working. It’s safe, easy and practical.